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Blanket-wrap transportation, delivered inside and placed where you need it.

Keep us in mind next time you are sourcing a reliable carrier to handle your sensitive moves.







HVP Transportation Services Inc. specializes in supporting the high value products industry with blanket-wrap transportation services. From the planning stage to setup, HVP is focused on providing unprecedented service levels with complimenting value-added services rarely found among other carriers.

Products we relocate...

  • Medical Equipment

  • Electronics

  • Hospitals / LTC

  • Lab Equipment

  • Aerospace Components

  • Studio Equipment

  • Telecommunication Equipment

  • Data Centre Equipment

When HVP is on the job, your company will be represented professionally. Our uniformed crew are experienced and willing to deliver what it takes. 

We are properly equipped for all handling requirements. We carry clean protective pads, dollies, straps and floor protection plus a host of specialized equipment for movements up stairs, lifting and placing. We will de-skid or un-crate your product, position it exactly where you want it, do a final assembly or installation and remove all debris and dispose.

HVP's technology is current with the demands of our customers. We have GPS, direct-link communications, in-truck routing software as well as on-board email and web browsing should a need for paperwork transferring or downloading arise.



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